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Dolphins 1024x768 Nature Wallpaper - This is a beautiful painting by artist David Miller. The ocean is filled with bright Tropical Fish and Dolphins swimming and playing on the oceans surface. Enjoy Jeanie.

Enchanted Sky Nature Wallpaper - look at this enchanted sky. Matching Freeware screensaver available with moving clouds in a breathtaking scenery. Great sound and matching Wallpaper. Enjoy DF.

Tropical Lagoon Nature Wallpaper - Wallpaper to theme of same name has matching hotbar, winamp and animated screensaver.

Waterfall Hills Wallpaper

Waterfall Hills Nature Wallpaper - A small creek takes a few sudden drops in this beautiful wallpaper for your desktop. 1024 x 768. A calm and relaxing scene that brings the true essence of nature to your home or office PC.

Gods Nature Wallpaper

Gods Nature Background - This bright wallpaper is part of a theme,3 logos,hotbar and screensaver.

Natures Helper Wallpaper

Natures Helper Wallpaper - Mother Nature Needed A Hand To Shed Some Sunshine and This Little Lady Spreads The Sunshine and Rainbows Everywhere She Goes. Matching IE Toolbar Also Available. ~ Lady Di

Golden Springflower Wallpaper

Golden Spring flower Nature Background - The afternoon sun illuminates golden spring flower. Bring the fresh breath of nature to your desktop. An original photograph by Shi Yali.

Wild Waves Wallpaper

Wild Waves Nature Wallpaper - The California Surf Has Never Been More Wild. These Waves Are Crashing Against The Rocks. Multiple Water Effect Screensaver and IE Toolbar Also Available.

Golden Rays Of Hope Wallpaper

Golden Rays Of Hope Nature Background - Glorious Golden Rays Are Cast Down From The Heaven Above At Dusk After A Violent Storm To Illuminate The Waters and Shoreline - Tomorrow Will Be A Glorious Day. A Matching Screensaver And IE Toolbar Are Also Available. ~ Enjoy ~ Lady Di

Gems of Amethyst Wallpaper

Gems of Amethyst Nature Wallpaper - The gemstone, amethyst, is said to bring quiet, calm and soothing to the soul. Why not try a desktop full of lovely amethyst as we can all use a little soul soothing in this busy, troubled world. Thanks go to Vhera for a fantastic picture taken on her recent trip to India. Desktop theme, the original wallpaper and a lovely animated screensaver with mutable music are all available for you.

Fantasy Sky Wallpaper

Fantasy Sky Nature Wallpaper - Vivid Wallpaper With The Suns Rays Streaking Through The Clouds and Casting Beautiful Multicolored Shadows Below. ~ Lady Di

Natures Colors Wallpaper

Natures Colors Background - This is a great picture of a reflection of Cathedral Rock in the water below and a breath taking view of the mountains. Enjoy Darlene.

Perfect Landing Wallpaper

Perfect Landing Nature Background - This Is Mother Nature At Her Finest. A Beautiful White Goose Is Coming In For A Perfect Landing On A Shimmering Lake In This High Quality Wallpaper in 1024x768. The Water Glistens and Swirls Around Him AS He Makes His Descent In The Matching Designer Screensaver. Completely Customizable. A Matching IE Toolbar Is Also Available. ~ Lady Di

Oasis Queensland, Australia Wallpaper

Oasis Queensland, Australia Nature Wallpaper - In Queensland, Australia there lies this gorgeous oasis from the heat, with a little brook and numerous plants at either side. Beautiful.

Magnificent Moose Wallpaper

Magnificent Moose Nature Wallpaper - Moose, with their bountiful beauty and strength, inspire us with a sense of awe for Natures majesty. 1024 and 800 sizes.

Water Illusion Wallpaper

Water Illusion Nature Wallpaper - Awesome smooth Waterfall. Matching Freeware Screensaver with animated water and nature Sound goes along with this breathtaking wallpaper. Watch and Relax. Enjoy DF.

Winter In The Mountains Wallpaper

Winter In The Mountains Wallpaper - Winters frigid breath comes once more with full intent and forces our world to lie and wait, trapped in cold, clear crystal. Matching desktop theme, Messenger skin and Winamp skin also available. Natures snowy blanket surrounds all, as rays of sun climb winters mountains.

Niagara Falls Wallpaper

Niagara Falls Nature Wallpaper - A natural spectacle. Nature in its full glory. Niagara Falls fascinates and draws people from all over the world. Dont try going over it in a barrel.

Autumn In The Woods Wallpaper

Autumn In The Woods Nature Background - Mother Nature dresses herself in beautiful raiment of fall foliage. Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.

Autumn Raiment Wallpaper

Autumn Raiment Nature Wallpaper - When the trees their summer splendour change to raiment red and gold, when the summer moon turns mellow, and the nights are getting cold. When the squirrels hide their acorns, and the raiment of autumn is near, the tapestry of nature, the loveliest time of year. 1024 and 800 sizes.

Cherry Blossom Pink Wallpaper

Cherry Blossom Pink Nature Wallpaper - The cherry blossom tree is one of the most beautiful trees in all of nature and only blossoms for a short time in spring. If only such beauty could remain all year.

Winters Beauty Wallpaper

Winters Beauty Nature Background - Mother Nature has blanketed Earth in a raiment of white. Winters frigid breath has made ice crystals on the land like beautiful paintings.

Black cloud and sea Wallpaper

Black cloud and sea nature Wallpaper - Black cloud and sea.

Blue sky Wallpaper

Blue sky Nature Background - Blue sky.

INSANE Wallpaper

INSANE Nature Wallpaper - INSANE by Marcel.P.

Golden Valley Wallpaper

Golden Valley Nature Wallpaper - Golden Valley by Marcel.P.

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