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Free screensaver preview. Butterfly Fantasia screensaver and desktop theme. This is the number one downloaded screensaver. This fractal is a favorite of my entire family. 3 Dimensional cubes tumble across your screen building a stunning butterfly along with mysterious music.
download Butterfly Fantasia Screensaver
Free screensaver preview. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
download Kagaya Screensaver

What is the Desktop Enhancement of the Month?

Over 150 free moving screensaver downloads. This website is a valid search result for American flags moving screensaver, transparent sky high globes spinning and moving in the twinkling night sky screen saver, summer clouds and animated sun screen saver, Castle Royale, Hidden Falls Clock moving screensaver, Scarlet Spider super hero, scooby doo moving screensaver, Animated fairies fly around screen saver, Puff The Magic Dragon moving screensaver, stained glass flamingos screen saver, woodland stream moving screensaver, Hideaway Heaven screen saver, Exotic White Tigers, Janet Jackson Interactive Screensaver, Autumn Waterfall moving screensaver, Rail Road Crossing Train screen saver, beautiful Bird scenes animated screen saver, colorful clowns moving screensaver, Willow Lake, Oceans in Motion Screensaver, Giraffe slide show screensaver, Kilauea Lighthouse, Yosemite Falls moving pictures screen saver, halloween animated screensaver, rainy night ripple effect flashing lightning screen saver, Minds Eye screen saver, Jungle Sunset, beautiful white unicorn clock screensaver, Mermaids Discovery, Smoky Mountain River moving screensaver, dancing girl animated moving screensaver, New York City Scenic Reflections, Tropical Pallet parrots screen saver, Elegant fluttering butterflies moving screensaver, Covered Bridge water applet screensaver, Living Lighthouses, Lincoln Memorial The Statue of Liberty Support Our Troops aircraft carrier floats in the moving water screen saver, The Empire State Building and The Jefferson Memorial moving screensaver, Candy Hearts traditional Valentine moving screensaver, animated snow christmas screen saver, Logos of NHL Hockey teams on transparent background moving screensaver, animated 3d girls on transparent background moving screensaver, Indian Village animated clock moving screensaver, Norfolk Island screen saver, hats and logos for all major league baseball teams screen saver, delicate watercolour pictures moving screensaver, paintings by Jim Warren moving screensaver, Charming painting by Thomas Kinkade Featuring gentle lake effect moving waterfall and smoke from the fire and chimney moving screensaver, and beautiful waterfalls and Wildflowers moving screensaver.

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