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Happy Halloween PreviewHappy Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 2944 Kb) - These happy ghosts are partying down tonight! The only thing that can make them happier is when YOU join them! Lots of animated ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and other creatures of the night all waiting here just to show you a really good time! Ragtime Halloween midi music plays continually in the background. For 1024X768 resolution.

Autumn Pumkins PreviewAutumn Pumkins Halloween Screensaver (3D / 1951 Kb) - A beautiful evening in the autumn with three halloween pumkins that lightens up the dark. Lots of pumkins is flying towards you. A perfekt screensaver for halloween.

Haunted Mansion Amazing Flash Animation PreviewHaunted Mansion Amazing Flash Halloween Screensavern (Horror_Occult / 5100 Kb) - The animation never stops in this incredible set including ghosts, a hissing cat, a moving statue and devil hound. Easy install. All original and amazing flash that turns your desktop into a movie. Plays over 8 minutes of scary sounds and music. Matching saver to my desktop theme, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.

Pumpkin Man PreviewPumpkin Man Halloween Screensaver(Fantasy / 525 Kb) - Screensaver to match my Pumpkin Man theme.

Halloween Critters PreviewHalloween Critters Screensaver (Holidays / 3171 Kb) - These cute critters are all decked out in their Halloween finest! They are not entirely sure what they have gotten themselves into, though, by taking the shortcut through this graveyard! Background painting by Penny Parker. Lots of animated critters, and Halloween creatures to tickle your fancy…and terrific new Halloween instrumental music that plays continually in the background. For 1024X768 resolution. This screensaver accompanies my desktop theme by the same name.

Spooky SCR by Kenjas Creations PreviewSpooky Screensaver (Holidays / 1649 Kb) - Spooky is an animated 3-D screensaver with a graveyard background & a 3-D floating Jack o Lantern with a midi sound file (can be muted or changed to one of your own). You will need a minimum of 32 MB RAM and at least DirectX 8.x for the screensaver to work properly.

Candy Corn Village PreviewCandy Corn Village Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 2335 Kb) - Candy corn bounces all over the screen while fire rages in the haunted house, stars sparkle in the sky, flames bounce in the jack-o-lanterns eyes, and the lollipops - well, they’re most definitely haunted tonight as they are behaving most peculiarly! Monster Mash plays continually in the background. This screensaver matches my desktop theme by the same name. For 1024X768 resolution.

the house on the bayou Previewthe house on the bayou Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 1100 Kb) - a night of mystery and drifting fog on the bayou. strange things happen on a night such as this. midi is..house of the rising sun.

Pondering Halloween PreviewPondering Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 819 Kb) - Lonely Mr Bones is pondering about Halloween by the lake. Animated screensaver with lake effect and bouncing pumpkins. There is a matching wallpaper available for download. Lak

Halloween Show PreviewHalloween Show Screensaver (Holidays / 2751 Kb) - A show of Original HiRes pictures for Halloween and a cute animated skull bouncing around. All the pictures are available as wallpapers for download. Lak

Halloween Glow PreviewHalloween Glow Screensaver (Holidays / 1238 Kb) - Original art by GillB. Animated spooky saver with optional music.

Spooky Halloween PreviewSpooky Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 2316 Kb) - A spooky little screensaver with wallpaper sized images to celebrate Halloween (also known as Samhain to some). No cute images in this one. Skeletons, magic, dragons, fairies, even Death drops in.

Halloween Fun PreviewHalloween Fun (Holidays / 2233 Kb) - This Screen saver is packed with 14 good reasons why you should have a great fun filled Halloween. Music by Sam The Sham And Pharoughs, Haunted House. Have a great Halloween, Jeanie

Trick or Treat PreviewTrick or Treat Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 715 Kb) - an adorable clock saver of 3 little spooks venturing out alone to Trick or treat. Contains original background, floating ghosts and bats, and a midi of This is Halloween, from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Haunted Gothic Mansion 2 PreviewHaunted Gothic Mansion 2 - Way Cool. Watch as Bats, Ghosts Skeletons fly at you. This is an Updated Screen Saver of one of my Classics. This one will fit the larger screens too. New actors and music. Enjoy for Free.

Halloween House PreviewHalloween House (Holidays / 3346 Kb) - OK, folks, this is where it be a-happenin Come one, come all, to the Halloween House...if you dare This is a fun screensaver with animated lightning, and animated ghosts, ghouls, goblins, witches and all kinds of creepy creatures that come out to celebrate on this special occasion Music called Thriller plays continually in the background. This screensaver accompanies my desktop theme by the same name. For 1024X768 resolution.

Pumpkin Treats-1024 PreviewPumpkin Treats-1024 Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 759 Kb) - A group of cute and joyful tots roaming down the street to go trick or treating around a pumpkin house. Halloween sounds included. Matching desktop theme available separately. Viewed best at 1024 x 768

welcome to the portal Previewwelcome to the portal Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 1673 Kb) - the portal beckons you to experience the horrors of its darkest corners. this saver has a fantastic optical illusion. the creators name is unknown to me but i wish to thank the artist very much. for a dark halloween night, this is the saver. great sounding halloween midi.

you go first Previewyou go first (Holidays / 2893 Kb) - the name of this saver tells the story..lol.. many,many animations and a great sounding halloween midi. a few surprises await you. hope you will enjoy it, happy trick or treating.

Its the Great Pumpkin PreviewIts the Great Pumpkin Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 526 Kb) - We all remember it- and, how can you not love it!! Comes with the great theme music we all remember. Wanna smile!

Haunting PreviewHaunting (Holidays / 850 Kb) - There is constant movement on the screen as the water ripples and reflects all kinds of evil. The witch flies past the full moon. Monsters lurk in every corner. Even a tree is watching you.

Graveyard Shift PreviewGraveyard Shift Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 4682 Kb) - The old gang is hard at it working the graveyard shift tonight! This broken down old mansion has animated flames spewing from every window…and lots of animated ghosts, goblins and your usual (and unusual!) creepy creatures on this Hallowed Eve. Halloween midi music plays continually in the background. For 1024X768 resolution

Halloween Night ss PreviewHalloween Night Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 841 Kb) - its Halloween Night and this Guy is waiting for his friends. Animated screensaver and a matching original wallpaper included.

pumpkin greetings Previewpumpkin greetings Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 527 Kb) - an easy going fun saver. pumpkins dance, pumpkins on fire, they spin and turn and even change faces. two very cool little ghosts drift by. a surprise or two may show up. a lighthearted halloween midi. y

Halloween Rider ss PreviewHalloween Rider Screensaver (Holidays / 726 Kb) - An unusual rider is coming for Halloween. It is Guys night out. Animated screensaver and original matching wallpaper included.

Pumpkin Treats PreviewPumpkin Treats Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 759 Kb) - A group of cute and joyful tots roaming down the street to go trick or treating around a pumpkin house. Halloween sounds included. Matching desktop theme available separately. Viewed best at 800 x 600.

Tubular Bells Amazing Flash Animation PreviewTubular Bells Amazing Flash Animation Halloween Screensaver (Horror_Occult / 2390 Kb) - A spooky skull, gargoyle, black cat, ghosts and changing jack-o-lantern animations. Easy install. All original 3D. Plays the seven minute complete song by Mike Oldfield. The matching saver to my desktop theme, stationery, ICQ, WinAmp and Hotbar skins.

Halloween Village PreviewHalloween Village (Holidays / 3664 Kb) - This Halloween Village is really hoppin’ tonight You want to make sure you stop by for a visit – it should be a very en-witching experience Tons of animated ghouls, goblins, jackolanterns, and trick or treaters are here for the big shebang Background painting by Jacqueline Rivard. Music called This is Halloween plays continually in the background.

Halloween Fun SCR by Kenjas Creations PreviewHalloween Fun Screensaver (Holidays / 758 Kb) - Halloween Fun Screensaver is made with 4 changing backgrounds, animated text and various animated items like pumpkins and skulls with spooky sound and midi. Best for 800x600 screen settings and 24-bit color settings. Screensaver is Careware.

The Pumpkin Tree PreviewThe Pumpkin Tree Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 3505 Kb) - All of the jack-o-lanterns in the land have been gathered here together at the “Pumpkin Tree”, and are kept company by some very lively ghosts. Jack-o-lanterns of all sizes, types, and temperaments are here to give you a taste of Halloween’s best (but watch out for the ones with the frowny faces!). Fun Halloween midi music plays continually in the background. For 1024X768 resolution.

Happy Halloween PreviewHappy Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 2363 Kb) - This saver is packed with 14 great pictures of ghost, witches, black cats, scarecrows and some of your favorite cartoon friends like, Sponge Bob, Pooh, Tigger and Mickey Mouse. Music Ghostbusters.

Black Cats Of Halloween PreviewBlack Cats Of Halloween Screensaver (Holidays / 571 Kb) - Black cats are all over the screen for halloween on a transparent background....Hope ya like it!

fall clean-up Previewfall clean-up Halloween screensaver (Miscellaneous / 1769 Kb) - even the graveyard needs to be spruced up for halloween night, a fun saver for this spooky time of the year. many, many animations, and a surprise or two is bound to pop up. great halloween sound. hope you will enjoy it.

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Free screensaver. Butterfly Fantasia screensaver and desktop theme. This is the number one downloaded screensaver. This fractal is a favorite of my entire family. 3 Dimensional cubes tumble across your screen building a stunning butterfly along with mysterious music.
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Free screensaver. This screensaver includes several beautiful paintings by Kagaya.
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